Male Wellness

We provide comprehensive services for men

to help them maintain good health.

Routine Health Physicals & Exams

Now more than ever it is important to take charge of your health. Routine checkups are extremely important for your overall health we suggest all men be seen annually for their healthcare needs. The best care is preventative care.

What is an Annual Exam?

An Annual Exam is a physical examination of the body to look at the height and weight measurements to calculate body mass index. During the exam, they will also perform blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, colorectal cancer, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and mental health screening. They may also suggest additional testing for STD panels, Heart Screens, and outside services based on their findings and diagnosis.

How Much Does It Cost?

*Please note we do not accept insurance for primary care services*

Male Wellness Exam Office Visit

$ 175 One-time

Annual Primary Care Membership

$ 60 Month

Annual Primary Care Plus Membership

$ 150 Month
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